"Since singing is so good a thing, I wish all men would learn to sing." William Byrd, Psalmes, Sonets & Songs (1588)
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Homeschool Classes and Choruses

Home School Music Singing Classes and Choruses 2019-2020

Sadly, our singing classes will be on hiatus this school year as Ms Aniko is not only teaching flute and piano, but also studying full-time for her PhD. (by distance) at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.  Please keep an eye out for next year’s classes!

Please follow this link to four songs from I Cantori in our January, 2015 Winter Concert,


and our June, 2015 Spring Concert,


Cost:   Tuition is $225 per semester for each student which includes rent and materials.  Scholarships are available.  

If you would like to visit classes before registering, the fee is $15.00 per student for each class, which is deducted from tuition upon registering for the year.

Tuition refunds will not be given after the fourth week of classes.

Students may join the classes at any time during the year, and tuition will be pro-rated.

We continue to offer discounts and scholarships for large families and those in need.  Please email Miss Aniko directly for further information.  Payment is due in the first week of the semester.  We also offer the option of paying half in the first week and the remainder in the eighth week of each semester, or throughout the semester.      

 Information:email Miss Aniko at adebreceny@verizon.net, or call 1-301-695-1015.

Registration forms will be available at the first week(s) of classes.  To pre-register, please email Miss Aniko.  

Aniko Debreceny, 1206 North Market Street, Frederick, MD 21701

 Course Descriptions:

In Solfa  parents and children aged 5 and older learn music together through solfa, a simple method of learning to sing with correct pitch (do, re, mi etc).  Each class includes breathing and vocal exercises, rhythmic activities, movement, general music concepts, using simple hand signs for notes (an excellent kinesthetic activity), and singing a variety of rounds, American folk songs, and partner songs.  Solfa classes sing songs in other languages – including Italian, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Latin.  

Advanced Solfa extends the musical and singing skills from Solfa, adding the “sharps” and “flats” of the chromatic scale.  We sing folk songs from around the world and in other languages, with more rounds, partner songs and duets.

Cavatina follows on from the solfa classes, with more advanced musical and singing skills.   We will learn a wide variety of vocal music, from Renaissance madrigals from Italy and England, to folk songs from around the world, and Broadway show tunes.  Singers in Cavatina do not need to have participated in Solfa. (Cavatina means a simple melody or song in Italian.)

I Cantori means ‘the singers’ in Italian and is an advanced chorus for older students, singing mostly unaccompanied songs from the Renaissance to the twenty-first century in three to eight parts.    We sing in other languages, including German, Latin, French, Spanish, Croatian, and Russian. Students do not need to have taken the solfa courses or Cavatina, as long as they have musical experience. Parents are most welcome to join us in singing – we especially appreciate basses and tenors!  

All music is provided.  Please bring a 1″ white view binder for each student.  Parents, pre-school siblings and babies attend at no charge. 

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